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The affirmation of Love and Wisdom is the intention to all my work, but I am not Pollyanna. I know that life holds moments of great challenge, which can seem to reach us emotionally, personally, and change change what you manifest in our lives. It is in acknowledgement of what is hard right now, that we are able to move towards making a conscious choice; to seek the love and wisdom that could be part of the mystery.


I wanted to be honest about all the things that feel difficult, but as always, to bring hope. Whatever the challenge, you can become better for it. This I am certain of. I wrote this book in my same empowered, encouraging voice. My intention is that you can ‘hear’ me as you read, as you uncover the many possibilities of a transit, but also give real advice about how to navigate an important time. 


While I always encourage students of astrology to seek a personal relationship to the sky, there is value in being able to leaf through a book and going directly to the section that speaks to your circumstances right now. This is often called a “Cookbook Astrology” type book. I find they have great value in how they might speak truth to your experience, and provide a learning tool from which to grow. 


This book is 220 pages, in 10pt font, jam packed with information. The book recounts timeless myths, not shared in my previous books, to help bring greater nuance in understanding the Outer Planets, and what a transit of them might feel like. There are the 3 sections dedicated to each of the Outer Planets; Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. The chapters that go through each of the houses of your natal chart, one at a time, help to bring an understanding of each of the Outer Planet transits. each exploration is from 1000-1500 words long, providing you with a range of possibilities to how the archetypal energy of a planet is set to transform the area of life represented.  

Of Ravens & Dragonflies- Advance Copy


- Downloads: the 5 part course on Outer Planet Transits: Times Of Change, Fate and Pain (Delivered on June 12) 
- An exclusive invite to a live, online launch party for my newest book, to take place at the end of June, exact date to be announced in the second half of June

Along with your book, you’ll get 2 pendants:

- One is my signature “The Universe is Wise & Loving” (gold colored, metal alloy, retails for $9.95) *no chain included
- The other is a small pendant of the tarot card “The Sun”, metal alloy *no chain included
- A business card magnet, which says “The Universe is Wise & Loving” 

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