The ancients looked at the sky and felt it lit up with the sacred, with whom they shared a personal connection. Today, it is this very personal interconnection that brings people to astrology everyday. This book will remind you of the sacred connection you share to everyone and everything, and help you find personalized, experimental, and structured ways to cultivate a relationship with each of the planets. Here, Nadiya's “Planetary Prayers”, which is a conversation with your self, with your own natal chart, and with the sky as it is right now. It is to communicate and commune with the sacred that you express and represent more deeply. This is done for the purpose of awareness. An awareness of how much of you, and your human experience, is ultimately an expression of all that is wise, loving, and good in the universe. Whether you are a student of astrology and want to deepen your understanding of the symbols in the sky, or you are someone who desires to know the sacred energies you see in the sky more deeply, Prayers To The Sky is at once a practical guide and inspiring mythic tales, to help you on your journey towards knowing and loving the astrological planets more deeply


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Prayers To The Sky: To Know & To Love The Astrological Planets More Deeply